2021-07-22 CEO Master Class

CEO Master Class

HKCHO started the first CEO Master Class on July 22, 2021 (Thursday) afternoon at Tsim Sha Tsui East Ocean Club. The One. Dr. Stephen Lui, the founding director of DPI Hong Kong, gave a lecture and shared his insights in person. 


CHO Master Class is a half-day activity, which aims to let the participants understand the concept of CHO and contemplate how to practice happy working in their company. During the event, all participants benefited a lot by understanding the importance of happy employees and designing approaches to make things work. Therefore, becoming Chief Happiness Officers and transformational entrepreneurs to support Hong Kong firms in delivering a happy working environment. 



CHO believes that “happy work” and “happy thinking” may assist everyone in becoming their own Chief Happiness Officer. Hence, they may foster a positive working atmosphere, boost productivity and related performance, and ultimately support the corporation’s sustainable growth.


Before the event commenced, our guest, Dr. Stephen Lui, shared how employee happiness influences working performance and raised his own successful example in his business practice reforms. During the event, participants also brainstormed, designed, and discussed real solutions to enable employees to improve their performance as well as promoting the sustainable development of individuals and enterprises to achieve success. Participants can understand the importance of “happiness” and bring positive influence to the corporate culture, system, and environment. 


The workshop successfully concluded with the active participation and support of Dr. Stephen Lui, the founding director of DPI Hong Kong, Dr. Kwong Ka-ki from the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Dr. Xu Liwen, and more than 70 participants. If you are interested, please call 9608-8888 and visit our website http://www.hkcho.com/ to inquire about the details.



CEO Master Class


HKCHO於2021年7月22日(星期四)中午在尖沙咀東海薈.拉斐特(The One)開辦了首節CEO Master Class,並得到DPI香港創始董事 雷桑田博士(Dr. Stephen Lui)親臨講授和分享。


CHO Master Class 是一個半天的活動,目的是讓參加者認識CHO的概念並且思考在他們的企業如何實踐快樂工作。席間,一眾參加者均獲益良多,在活動後能夠構思許多如何讓員工快樂地工作的方法和好處,從而成為首席快樂官和變革型企業家並協助香港企業共創快樂工作空間。

CHO 相信「開心工作」和「開心思維」可以幫助所有人成為自己的首席快樂官和營造快樂工作環境,以提升生產力和相關的表現,最後促進企業可持續發展。


在活動開始前,嘉賓 雷博士分享了員工的快樂如何影響工作表現,並從他的故事帶出如何成功在企業實踐改革。而在活動時,參加者亦通過思考、設計和討論,想出確實的方案讓員工提升額外表現和促進個人與企業的可持續發展,以達至成功。參加者能夠透過活動內容明白「快樂」的重要性,改變企業文化、制度和環境。


是次工作坊在DPI香港創始董事 雷桑田博士、香港恆生大學 鄺家麒博士、徐麗雯博士和超越70位參加者的踴躍參與和鼎力支持下完滿結束。如果大家有興趣,歡迎致電9608-8888和瀏覽網址http://www.hkcho.com/以詢問有關詳情與報名。