Deloitte CHO Review

We are grateful to have our CHO Appreciation Award awardee, Deloitte participating in the CHO Review coorindated by HKCHO and HSUHK. In the video, we have interviewed colleagues from different departments to share their thoughts on company’s culture. We also have Cecilia So, Director of Human Resources to share how Deloitte’s empathetic leadership helps during pandemic. Click the video to understand Deloitte’s  best practices in Technology Transformation, and Mental Health Program etc to create a people-oriented culture.



感激 CHO Appreciation Award 的得獎企業 Deloitte 參與我們與香港恒生大學合辦的 CHO Review 片段中訪問了不同部門的同事表達對於公司文化的想法。同時人力資源部門總監 Cecilia So  也會跟大家分享在疫情期間Deloitte是如何善用同理心領導團隊。 現在就按進訪問,了解 Deloitte 如何透過發展心靈健康計劃和高科技環境等典範實務、來創造以人為本的公司文化。