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We believe that happiness, the virtues of happiness, unites us all. Through a diverse range of training and seminars for corporations and individuals, our mission is to promote a happiness-based work culture through personal and organizational revolutions that would extend and significantly improve their lives.

CEO Master Class

Have you ever heard of “Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)”? What does CHO really do? Why is it important to have CHO in every organizations? Have you ever thought of how we could do to unleash the potential of employees and enhance their performance by 200-300 times?



Our Master Class will introduce the relationship between happiness and working performance. We will also facilitate discussions and planning of implementing CHO concepts in corporate and HR transformation.


Happiness Workshops

Is your company in need of unleashing happiness? To help individuals and corporations to “Be Your Own CHO“, we have different workshops cater for corporate needs.


With the support of our partners like D2 Place TWO, we are able to conduct workshops that involves both entertainment and team building, helping employees to learn, relax and most importantly, be happy during the whole experience.

Consulting Services

Are you looking for a more thorough and comprehensive service?

Our Co-Founder & Strategic Development Advisor, Mary Suen was the Senior Director of Corporate Culture & Talent Development at Stan Group (Holdings) Limited. She is experienced in cultivating people to become passionate and self-driven talents through culture transformation.

After listening and discussing with you on your company needs, we will provide consulting service to help your company in creating transformative model which can greatly enhance your employee’s happiness thus their productivity

With our partners, we are also able to connect you with different organizations to provide an all-round service.

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