Pfizer CHO Review

We are grateful to have our CHO Appreciation Award awardee, Pfizer participating in the CHO Review coordinated by HKCHO and HSUHK. In the beginning,Mr. Stephen Leung,Country Manager of Pfizer Hong Kong, Indonesia, stated that a company is a tree. There are four seasons where business will experience ups and downs, we don’t need to worry excessively, the most important thing is the trunk_people, bringing out Pfizer’s focus on employees. Besides,we have interviewed colleagues who share with us how the company promotes work-life balance and creates a happy workplace for them. Click the video to understand Pfizer’’s CARE towards their staff and how they make every employee their own Chief Happiness Officer.


感激 CHO Appreciation Award 的得獎企業輝瑞參與我們與香港恒生大學合辦的 CHO Review 片段的開始 Mr. Stephen Leung, 輝瑞香港及印尼的 Country Manager 講述公司就像一顆樹,一年四季生意會有起落,不用太過在意,反而最重要的是樹幹——人,帶出以人為本是輝瑞的文化。此外,我們也邀請了員工們分享輝瑞如何在疫情期間推動身心靈健康以及打造快樂的工作環境。 現在就按進訪問,了解輝瑞如何做到CARE,以人為核心,讓員工們都能成為他們自己的首席快樂官。