Honor your effort


This year we proudly presented the “CHO Appreciation Awards” to honor, award and thank companies which have showed tremendous effort in demonstrating CHO practice in 3 key areas: Corporate Wellness, HR Transformation and Oneness Team. An award ceremony was held on 30 June 2021 where those award winners networked and shared CHO concepts and experience with other companies.
With the launch of CHO Appreciation Awards, we aim to promote talent sustainability and unleash power for transformation in employee wellness and working environment in the business world.

Co-organizer : School of Business, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

Below is the list of our awardees:

保泰人壽保險有限公司  (Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited) 

德勤  (Deloitte) 

黑暗中對話(香港)基金會有限公司  (Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation Limited) 

香港寬頻集團 (HKBN Group) 

i Dance 舞蹈演藝學院  (i Dance Enterprise Limited) 

無限極廣場  (Infinitus Plaza Hong Kong) 

羅氏集團  (LAWSGROUP) 

史偉莎集團  (LBS Corporation Limited) 

香港麥當勞  (McDonald’s Hong Kong) 

美國輝瑞科研製藥有限公司  (Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited)

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